10 Unconventional Sexy Costumes

Who needs candy when you have Tide Pods? (Imgur)

If this Halloween you’re looking to spice it up and stand out from the crowd, try an unconventional sexy costume! Everyone’s done the “sexy cat” and the “sexy angel”, but this year it’s time to throw those cat ears back in the bin and get your hands on some scissors, tape, live koi fish, a black tube dress and a purple bikini. Choose one of these ten costumes this Halloween and serve shock, amazement, and “but, why?”.

1. Sexy Tide Pod

What’s great about this costume is it will either scare the kids in your neighborhood, or cause you to be mistaken for a tasty treat.

2. Sexy Barney

This costume will tug at your friend’s nostalgia heart strings, reminding them of a familiar childhood friend that also definitely scared the crap out of them.

3. Sexy Slow Cooker

This one is quite simple, just throw on a silver dress, black hat and hold a plate of food all night while slapping people away telling them, “it’ll be done in 3 hours”, and “yeah you can keep me plugged in all day, I won’t burn your house down”.

4. Sexy Recycling Bin

Nothing screams sexy like environmental consciousness!

5. Sexy Vacuum from The Teletubbies

If somebody says your costume sucks, they’re technically right, but also their opinion is meaningless and you should wave your hands in front of their face while screaming, “WHO’S GONNA CLEAN UP ALL THIS TUBBY TOAST?!”

6. Sexy Koi Pond

Everyone will awe in your amazement and beauty, but will also be horrified. They may fall in – like Michael Scott did that one time – and accidentally step on one of the kois.

7. Sexy Alexa

Another simple costume; just throw on a black dress and turn off the music halfway through a song to say, “sorry, I didn’t quite get that”.

8. Sexy Hot Dog Cart

Milkshakes may bring the boys to the yard, but a piping hot dog brings everyone to the yard!

9. Sexy Roomba

Unlike the vacuum from Teletubbies, Roomba has no way of communicating with its owners/captors. All night you must simply walk through the party with your head down, and if you bump into someone just turn around.

10. Sexy Velociraptor

For this costume, simply dig up your childhood dinosaur costume (as all normal people have) and just cut it into a bikini. Upcycle that dinosaur suit and bring sexy back to the Jurassic park.